Let’s Celebrate World Water Day this March 22!

Let’s Celebrate World Water Day this March 22!

world-waterMarch 22nd marks World Water Day, which seeks to focus much-needed attention on the importance of freshwater in the lives of all individuals, and the sustainable management of this vital resource. Urbanization and the resulting lifestyle changes have severely impacted how much water is used in our daily lives. With the population estimated to grow 40 to 50% in the next fifty years, this consumption of clean and safe water will only rise.

What is the Water Crisis, and Why is it Happening?

water-dropThe water crisis is a term used to describe the lack sufficient water to provide a sustainable water source to various species or ecosystems. The water crisis is happening due to many factors caused by  human actions, including:

Environmental Crisis: This sharp and steady increase of water usage creates harmful consequences for aquatic ecosystems, and the organisms living within them. These environments can be disturbed due to a lack of water, or the pollution of the ecosystem itself.

Increased Consumption of Water: Large amounts of water used for irrigation purposes, household uses, and agricultural needs have assisted in the creation of this water crisis. The entire globe relies heavily on the production of water-reliant crops such as corn, wheat, and rice, and factory-farmed meat for food.

Learn About Conserving Water

Sources of healthy freshwater are becoming ever more scarce. Now, more than ever before, we are over-consuming water. To preserve a healthy supply of water for years to come, activists and scientists are calling on individuals and governments to assist in the creation and regulation of key areas to benefit water conservation:

  • Improving the management of safe disposal of hazardous materials, chemicals, and general waste.
  • Reducing and limiting the amount of water used overall.
  • Creating rules and regulations to prevent the pollution of water to preserve the quality.

By increasing production of water-efficient crops, decreasing the dependency on factory-farmed meat, and overseeing the safe disposal of waste, the population can greatly decrease its consumption of water.

Conserving Water at Home and Work

By making a few investments at home or in a place of business, water usage can effectively be reduced daily. Water-efficient plumbing technology has been developed in recent years to help in this endeavor, with the creation of plumbing hardware such as low-flow (energy efficient) shower heads, garden hose nozzles, faucet aerators, and low-flush toilets. Dual-flush toilets allow users to choose the amount of water used with each flush, and use up to 67% less water than conventional toilets.

Try cultivating small water-saving habits throughout daily routines, to limit the amount of water used:

  • running-shower-headTurn off the tap when brushing teeth.
  • Take quick, five-minute showers rather than baths.
  • Avoid watering the lawn.
  • Use a bucket to wash vehicles rather than solely using a hose.

Celebrate World Water Day by choosing to install water-efficient plumbing technology, coupled with developing healthy water consumption habits.

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