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When the plumbing works fine, most homeowners will pay it no mind. In most cases, something has to go wrong for them to realize how complex their home’s plumbing system is. Fortunately, our team at The Great Plumbing Co. is always here to help.

Backed by our specialized expertise and vast experience, we can answer all your burning questions regarding the problems your plumbing is facing. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

In the rare event that one of our trusted employees causes damage to your home, either by flood or fire, you would be covered by our liability insurance.
Our team members are fully salaried employees who have no incentive to upsell their work. There is zero commission paid to employees.
If you are sensible as to what you put down your drains, you can virtually eliminate this issue. However, issues can sometimes occur because of the way your drains were installed. For example, lack of grade to the pipe can sometimes lead to clogs. Be aware of what can and can’t be put down your drains.
Hard water is typically found in well water situations and contains a higher level of calcium and magnesium phosphates. This can result in the deposit of these minerals in various appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, greatly reducing their life expectancy. Also, when bathing in hard water, it can be impossible to attain a lather with your soap and you will likely feel slimy instead. Avoid hard water problems by calling our plumbers to install a water softening system.
Currently, we provide optional, no-fee consultations from our licensed and insured technicians. If you decide not to proceed with the quoted work, a small service visit fee will be levied for the consultation visit and the written quote.
We proudly provide a 100-percent guaranteed upfront written quote that states exactly, in writing, what we will provide and how much it will cost. It does not matter how long the job will take — the price we quote you is the price we will charge. There are no surprises when you work with our plumbers!
At The Great Plumbing Co., we understand that the customer should expect and receive a certified and insured plumber with every service. We know exactly what we are doing prior to commencing any work in your home — don’t settle for anything less than the best plumbers in Toronto!
Yes, journeymen certification from province of Ontario, as well as Master plumber and Plumbing Contracting Licence from The city of Toronto.
Yes...fully insured with liability insurance.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee... At The Great Plumbing Co, we stand behind our work by providing you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Hot water is a precious commodity in every household. It is hard to imagine showering, bathing, or washing dishes without it. While you might fit your home with a water heater that meets your needs, issues can still arise down the line. For example, your hot water could start running out much quicker than before. It could be why your household has grown over the past few years. If it hasn’t, the problem is probably the result of a faulty dip tube. Your water heater contains various components, all working to provide the hot water you enjoy. The dip tube is one such component. Its duty is to push cold water to the bottom of your water heater tank for your gas burner to heat it. When it is faulty, it won’t be able to perform this function, meaning you will feel the cold water a lot quicker.
This is among the most common FAQs we receive. Regular drain cleaning goes a long way in helping you maintain a healthy residential environment. Forgetting to do so could leave your home with multiple clogs or slow-draining sinks. To be safe, it’s best to clean your drains at least once a year. You could increase this frequency if you notice foul odours or water back-ups around your drains.
Low water pressure can be highly frustrating. Fortunately, you can do a few things to bring these frustrations to an end. For instance, when the water pressure in your home is too low, consider:
  • Installing a pressure booster
  • Adjusting the pressure-reducing valve
  • Reaching out to a well-pump technician
With drain cleaning, you are only ridding your home’s drainage system of the food, oil, grease, and other items that could cause clogs. On the other hand, sewer cleaning refers to maintaining your home’s sewer lines. These sewer lines are responsible for taking the wastewater from the various drains in your home to the sewer.
Your sump pump will rarely be completely silent. However, some of the noises it might make can be alarming. For instance, you could start hearing:
  • A consistent clanging sound
  • The sounds of running water
  • A bouncing ball
  • A washing machine
  • Prominent gurgling sounds
It is important to contact a trained professional as soon as you notice these noises.
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