How to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

Professional Tips for Winterizing Pipes

Winter can bring many threats to households, including the risk of frozen pipes. If the weather turns too frigid, it can result in frozen pipes, which can lead to risks like burst pipes. When this happens, it can cause expensive water damage for households to repair.

Fortunately, homeowners can help prevent frozen pipes by winterizing their lines and following some tips. This post will provide tips on how homeowners can prevent frozen pipes and the problems they can lead to from occurring in their houses to save them from emergency services and costly repairs. 

Why Are Frozen Pipes So Dangerous?

frozen pipe burstFrozen pipes can cause other major risks to households. The dangers of frozen pipes can include:

  • Leaks and burst pipes.
  • Expensive water damage to walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, or other belongings.
  • The growth of mold and mildew can lead to health risks for households.
  • A sudden disruption to the water supply leaves family members without access to necessary plumbing fixtures and appliances.
  • Major inconveniences and costs from possible flooding, water damage, loss of water, and repairs.

These risks make it essential to try and avoid frozen pipes and to get frozen pipes professionally thawed as soon as possible. 

How Pipe Insulation Helps

pipe insulationHomeowners can help prevent frozen pipes by properly insulating the lines. They can do this by applying wraps, heat tape, or other types of pipe insulation. Applying insulation can have many benefits, including:

  • Helping to prevent frozen pipes. 
  • Lowering energy bills by keeping water at a more consistent temperature and minimizing heat gain and loss.
  • Leading to a longer lifespan for the pipes by controlling condensation that could corrode the pipes. 

So not only does installing pipe insulation help homeowners avoid frozen pipes and their risks during the winter, but it helps the pipes work more efficiently and slows down corrosion year round.

More Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips

In addition to applying insulation to pipes, there are many other tips Toronto plumbers can provide to homeowners to avoid frozen lines, including:

  • Sealing gaps and air leaks around the walls, windows, and doors.
  • Disconnecting outdoor garden hoses and draining the water from them. 
  • Apply insulation around outdoor faucets by wrapping towels and other insulation or covers around them.
  • Keep the house heated to a comfortable temperature all winter to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Run faucets at a trickle or drip during extremely cold nights to keep water flowing. 
  • Open cabinet doors on cold nights to ensure the pipes receive heat. 

If households need more help preparing their house’s plumbing for winter and avoiding frozen pipes, it’s essential to schedule a visit from a plumber. Taking precautions before freezing weather arrives can help households prevent significant plumbing problems from frozen pipes.

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