Plumbers (Must be Licensed)

Ontario Contractor License Requirements

Working in many areas of the building and renovation trades in Ontario have specific trade license requirements. The provinces of Canada each have there own licensing requirements for trade service. A specific license for construction is not needed for employment in Ontario, although this may be not the case in big cities. In order to conduct business as a plumber and to provide plumbing repair service, new plumbing Installation for kitchens and bathrooms etc… in Toronto, a valid City of Toronto Plumbing Contractor license is required. This enables the plumbing business owner to legally be able to enter into a written contract to provide plumbing service.

Before attaining a Plumbing Contractor License, the following applies.

For a job or career in most skilled trades in Ontario requires a worker/employee to have a valid Certificate of Qualification, or “C of Q”, and this includes plumbers.

A Certificate of Qualification, or “C of Q” indicates that these individuals have completed the apprenticeship program course, and have passed the provincial qualification examination. This will indicate their knowledge of the trade and the standards and methods that are required under the plumbing code of installation and repair that by law are to be adhered to.

The Certificate of Qualification or “C of Q” process is extensive. In order to take the provincial qualification examination an individual has to show they have the required knowledge and experience in the plumbing trade.

This includes:

  • To complete an apprenticeship program of 9000 hours, 5 years, 720 of these hours are in a classroom.
  • Training time and experience that meets the minimum plumbing industry standards as documented by a certified official.
  • Confirmation by certified individual or official that the individual has the necessary experience to be a skilled worker.

In Ontario plumbers must be licensed to work in construction or for the installation of fittings and or fixtures where the distribution use and drainage of water within a building is involved.

Upon completion of the above by the individual and the “C of Q” has been awarded the individual is then considered a “journeyman” and or licensed plumber. This does not however provide the individual to operate a business as a plumbing contractor.

Master Plumber License

This is obtained by an individual on completion of a minimum of two years working as a journeyman plumber. Further study is required to complete a Master Plumber examination by the licensing commission.

Upon completion and receiving a passing grade of the Master Plumber License examination will result in the person receiving the credentials of Master Plumber.

Then and only then is an individual able to apply for a City of Toronto Plumbing Contractor License. This is a License that permits the individual to operate a plumbing business which typically involves the exchange of money for services rendered.

Another important point I’d like to point out is that of “liability Insurance”. This should be carried by a properly licensed Plumbing Contractor / Plumbing Company.

“Liability Insurance” protects the customer and the Plumbing Contractor from any unforeseen property damage. This would not be the case with an unlicensed business. So protect yourself, family, and home from a potential catastrophe. When you need a plumber have peace of mind and hire a properly licensed and insured company, for example,

The Great Plumbing Co, we are here to help.

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