Is Your Home Ready for the New Year?

Happy New Year! At The Great Plumbing Co., we can’t believe that 2018 has already come and gone. We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family, and we also hope that today’s post finds you optimistically looking forward to everything 2019 has in store.

With a new year upon us, there’s no better time than right now to begin investing in your home and fixing those little problems that sprung up in 2018. Keep reading below to learn how we can help you improve your home this year, and schedule a residential plumbing appointment online if you’re ready to get started!

How Can We Help You This Year?

Bathroom Plumbing

Did you have friends and family members staying with you for the holidays? If so, then your bathroom may have seen more use in a few weeks than it saw in several months. We won’t get into the fine details, but if your bathtub isn’t draining as well as it used to, or if your toilet is clogging frequently, then give us a call and we’ll help you get everything back in working order.

Even if the only complaint you have about your bathroom is the leaky faucet, you should still schedule a bathroom plumbing appointment. We detailed the numerous negative effects of a leaky faucet in a previous post, and we hope that the information will prompt you to call us for residential plumbing as soon as possible.

Drain Cleaning 

If you’re like many Toronto residents, then it’s likely that you had at least a few holiday gatherings in your home. Between delicious dinners and tasty confections, your sink may have become clogged from all of the extra leftovers and food it processed in the last few weeks. If your sink is taking longer than normal to drain, then give us a call or schedule a residential plumbing appointment online. We’ll help you safely clear the drains in your home while keeping your plumbing system safe.

Frozen Pipe Thawing

A frozen pipe is a problem no homeowner wants to deal with, especially as the new year is just beginning. We know that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season kept you incredibly busy, but now that things have settled down, you should check to make sure that none of your pipes have frozen. We wrote a previous piece detailing the signs of a frozen pipe, so be sure to catch up on that information if you haven’t yet read it.

If you do notice any of the most common signs of a frozen pipe, then get in touch with us immediately and schedule a frozen pipe repair appointment. We can help you fix your pipes in a way that minimizes the damage to your plumbing system and prevents your home from flooding, and we’ll also provide you with helpful information that prevents your pipes from freezing again.

Keep an eye on our blog page, as we’ll be providing you with even more information about home plumbing in the coming weeks and months.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment and improve your home this year? Book your appointment online through this page! We look forward to speaking with you.