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How to Keep Your Drains Clean

Drains are a lot like your HVAC system or gutters in the sense that you don’t usually notice them unless something is wrong. Maybe your shower is taking a while to drain, or perhaps your toilet is clogging more and more frequently. No matter what the problem may be, keeping your drains clean and working efficiently should be one of your top priorities. If you need to schedule a drain cleaning appointment, then schedule a residential plumbing appointment through our website! Read on to learn more about how you can keep your drains functioning properly.

Use a Filter

One of the best ways to keep your drains clean throughout the year is to utilize a filter. A high-quality filter will keep your drains from becoming overly saturated with hair, food products, and other materials (depending on where the drain is located, of course). Simply clean the filter whenever it becomes dirty and your drains will be in great shape year round!

Start a Compost Bin

What do egg shells, coffee grounds, potato peels, and leftovers have in common? They’re all things you should try not to put down the garbage disposal. While most of these materials will seemingly go down without any trouble, your garbage disposal isn’t a replacement for your garbage can. Moreover, you don’t want to discover that your sink suddenly won’t drain because of a food buildup deep in your pipes. Even worse, you may find yourself having to call a plumber due to a burst pipe.

Try starting a compost bin instead of putting your food waste down the sink. You can use the finished product for gardening, and you’ll be saving quite a bit of water over a long period of time. Even if you don’t see yourself using the compost, there are plenty of community gardens that would welcome a donation.

Collect Your Grease

As we noted in a previous blog post, pouring your grease down the sink is something you should always avoid. Many homeowners dispose of cooking oil or grease by pouring it down the sink along with hot water, but even this isn’t enough to guarantee clean pipes. The water will likely cool down before it reaches the sewer, which means that the grease has time to solidify in the pipes. Don’t risk a clogged drain — collect your grease in a designated container or speak with your local waste management company about how to properly dispose of cooking byproducts.

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