Great Home Winterization Tips

Great Home Winterization Tips

The Winter months are here and your Toronto Plumber has a few recommendations for you and your home plumbing. Possibilities of freezing cold weather, can cause problems to Toronto homes and pipes. Your home should be protected by taking the following precautions to eliminate potential plumbing service repairs.

Preventive winterization is the best approach to reduce costs pertaining to plumbing repair and heating costs.

The reason to winterize the plumbing in your house is to remove water in the pipes that can freeze, then burst which can result in extreme water damage to your home. There are a lot of tips to winterize your home and of course there are benefits to do so.

As a Toronto plumbing company we recommend to homeowners it’s a good idea to be aware about protecting your plumbing water pipes and meters from damage such as bursting and leakage.

A plumbing inspection can be performed by the homeowner, or it can be an a good idea to hire a professional and licensed plumber.

The majority of homeowners acknowledge that hiring an expert to perform an inspection for windows, basements, chimneys, attics, doors, hot water heaters, pipes, and water meters is a good idea, as it can provide peace of mind. As winter is arriving, it’s a good idea to make sure your home plumbing and family is protected from the freezing temperatures and uncomfortable cold weather.

Great Tips To Winterize Your Home

  1. Inspection of doors and windows to identify various opening and cracks that can allow the cold air to enter the home or heat to escape.
  2. Insulation of piping, water meters, attics, and windows can provide additional protection.
  3. Turning off the main water supply to outdoor garden hose bib faucets and removal of hoses during the winter months is highly recommended.
  4. Installation of storm windows or covering of the inside of windows with heavy duty plastic can provide further protection.
  5. If your interior hose bib isolation valve is not working properly and requires repair, its a good idea especially during freezing temperatures to have the hose bib faucet drip slowly to prevent freezing and bursting pipes.

Some Great benefits of Winterizing Your Home

The primary benefit of home winterization from a plumbing perspective is to protect the home piping as well as any property damage as a result of water leak. Burst piping and higher than normal water and heating cost can be avoided by implementing preventive measures and winterizing precaution.

Its a sensible to perform an annual inspection to detect any water leakage in or outside the house. Our Toronto plumbers that are fully licensed possess the skill and experience to inspect your homes piping for any potential water leakage.

Great Ways to Save Money during Winter Months

There are numerous ways that a homeowner can and will save money during the winter months. The insulation of windows as well as the attic will help keep warm air inside the home.

Cold air will enter through windows and door openings, basements, and attics. This is the reason why, caulking, insulation, and weather-stripping are a good idea to keep your home warm and lower your heating cost.

When a home has a chimney, close the vent. This will prevent heat loss and or cold air from entering your home. But, make sure your fireplace vent is open when in use.

The winter months have arrived here in Toronto and the GTA.To receive the best advice on the winterizing of your home, call The Great Plumbing Co at (416) 4460909 today!

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