How to Choose a Toronto Plumber

How to Choose a Toronto Plumber

There are many things to be considered before hiring a plumber to come in to your home or office. Without doing a proper background check on the plumber you are going to hire could wind up costing you more money.

Is The Plumber You Are Considering Licensed?

Its a tough world out there these days and everyone is out to make a buck; and that includes an unlicensed plumber, who give licensed plumbers a bad name. When you call what is perceived to be a plumbing company its a good idea to ask these four questions first. Do they have a,

  1. Plumbing Contractor License
  2. Master Plumber License
  3. Plumber Journeyman license
  4. Liability Insurance

What are the licensed numbers? If the plumber or plumbing company does not have the required credentials then its not a good idea for you to hire them despite how good they say they are.

Hiring an individual or company without the appropriate licensing requirements including liability insurance can turn out to be a terrible mistake, one that you will never forget. Licensed plumbers are required to be examined and tested to make sure that they know plumbing theory and repair. To allow an unlicensed plumber into your home or business to perform a plumbing installation or a plumbing repair could be disastrous and result in you not being covered by your insurance company, so choose wisely.

Plumbing Repair Quotes

Not all plumbing quotes are created equal. Some plumbers work on commission and as a result its in there interest to sell you as much as they can, despite you actually needing it. When you choose a licensed plumber its best also to ask for an upfront quote. This way you can have piece of mind that your plumbing repair will be completed without potential trouble. The quote should be clear, with specific details as to what the proposed plumbing repair entails. But wait, there is something else you will need to know when your about to hire a plumber. You should also make sure that you plumber is giving you the best price for the job or an industry standard.

To choose a plumbing company because its the least costly is not always the best decision. You get what you pay for as they say. This is your home where your family lives and I’m sure most will agree we all want the very best for our families. Most licensed plumbers specialize in different areas of repair or new installation. So its a good idea to make sure that the plumber you are hiring has many years of experience with the type of repair you are asking them to perform.

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