Comprehensive Toronto Kitchen Plumbing Services

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For many homeowners in Toronto, the kitchen acts as a hub of activity in the home. It’s where kids gather to do their homework, it’s where meals are prepared and lunches are packed, and you may even host your friends and family for dinners once or twice a month. Making sure your kitchen plumbing is in pristine condition is a top priority for many people. The Great Plumbing has helped homeowners in the area with all their kitchen plumbing repair and replacement services since 1989, and we would love to help you, too.

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Is It Time for a Kitchen Faucet Replacement or a Kitchen Sink Repair?

Nothing is more irritating than a dripping or leaking faucet in your kitchen. Kitchen faucet repair and kitchen sink installation services are common with homeowners in the area. Over time, your faucet can experience a variety of issues, ranging from broken washers and destroyed valve seats to worn out o-rings, and more. These issues are either repaired or solved by a new kitchen faucet installation, depending on your specific circumstances.

How to Protect Your Garbage Disposal

Follow these professional tips and tricks to ensure that your garbage disposal works effectively and safely while preventing unexpected repairs and reducing the time between garbage disposal replacement services:

  • Never put hard items like bones or shells in the disposal. Only use your garbage disposal for soft, organic material.
  • If you have a lot of material to dispose of, do it in stages so that the unit doesn’t jam.
  • Once you have finished using the disposal, quickly run warm water through the blades. This will clean them off and help to prevent buildup.
  • If you experience an unexpected malfunction, then call a professional instead of attempting a DIY repair. This could save you a trip to the emergency room from an inexperienced mistake.

Why Trust The Great Plumbing Co.?

In addition to providing exceptional kitchen plumbing repair and installation services, we also make sure our customers are blown away by our service with these unique features and benefits:

Our Plumbers Go Above and Beyond: Our professional and respectful kitchen plumbing services are designed to go above and beyond your expectations, no matter how big or small the job may be.

On-time Arrival: Our friendly and professional plumbers will always arrive promptly and ready to work. Our plumbers will never wear shoes that make a mess or damage the floors in your home.

Clear Quotes: We work to ensure that you understand every aspect of the job we’re performing before we begin. This practice eliminates any confusion or misunderstandings from occurring when you receive your bill.

Well-Stocked Trucks: Having well-stocked trucks means that we don’t have to travel back and forth between your service — we bring everything we need from the start!

Respectful Technicians: We always treat your home with the respect we give to our own homes.

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